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Applicable areas of UPS

Applicable areas of UPS

UPS power supply system, industrial power UPS power supply system equipment. In recent years, the UPS industry has played an increasingly important role in industrial power applicationsUPS power supplyThe system equipment is mainly used in industries such as industrial power equipment, electricity, steel, non-ferrous metals, coal, petrochemicals, construction, automobiles, and food. Ensure the reliability of industrial automation power supply.

However, uninterruptible power supply for industrial power is a high-end product among uninterruptible power supply products. The technology is complex, and ordinary power supply enterprises cannot enter this field. Only enterprises that have already possessed high-power power electronics technology and series product development, production, and service capabilities, and accumulated corresponding industrial application experience, can do a good job in industrial powerUninterruptible power supplySystem design, production, and market services.

Power system equipment technology refers to a comprehensive technology that relies on advanced power conversion technology, digital control technology, high-frequency switch conversion technology, pulse width modulation technology, electromagnetic compatibility technology, redundant parallel machine technology, intelligent charging and discharging technology, network technology, drive technology, and new process technology. The development of rotary generators in the UPS era has evolved to today's intelligent static all electronic circuits.