Communication industry

         Demand trends for UPS power supplies in the communications industry

         In recent years, communication technology has advanced by leaps and bounds, and the communication industry has become one of the fastest growing industries in the world. In China, benefiting from the country's emphasis on government and public security, as well as the increase in large-scale activities brought about by rapid economic development, China's private network communication industry has maintained a rapid growth trend.

According to the "China Private network Communication Industry Development Prospects and Investment forecast Analysis Report" released by the Prospective Industry Research Institute, with the deepening of the "integration of the two" and the hot construction of smart cities, the market size of China's private network communication industry has expanded year by year since 2009, and the market size of China's private network communication industry is about 5.9 billion yuan in 2012. In 2013, it increased to about 6.8 billion yuan.

According to the private network communication industry report released by Forward-looking network, private network communication products are essential equipment for public security departments in various countries to achieve effective command and dispatch, generally requiring large-scale networking and high-performance products, so the government and public security market is the largest market segment of the professional wireless communication industry. From the perspective of downstream demand of China's private network communication industry, the demand scale of government and public security ranks first, accounting for 43.0%, and the proportion of public utilities and industry and commerce is 32.1% and 24.9%, respectively.

From the perspective of regional development, the current regional development of China's private network communication industry is unbalanced, and domestic enterprises are mainly concentrated in Fujian Quanzhou, Shenzhen, Beijing, Shanghai and other cities of the private network communication industry also has a certain development, and there are relatively few private network communication enterprises in other regions. There are two main reasons for the unbalanced pattern of regional development.

Reason 1: Foreign trade is convenient. As the most important factor, the above regions belong to the regions with convenient foreign trade. Domestic private network communication industry started late, in the core technology is subject to foreign enterprises, most manufacturers of core chips are imported, the free trade environment to the development of the two private network communication industry has brought power.

Reason two: talent advantage. The technical level of the private network communication industry is relatively high, and many domestic areas are short of talent resources for private network communication. Enterprises without technology as their core competitiveness are struggling to develop in the field of private network communication industry. Relatively speaking, cities such as Shenzhen and Quanzhou have relatively large advantages in private network communication talents.

In view of the regional characteristics of the distribution of private network communication industry. Therefore, the investment decision should be based on the regional characteristics, and the regional investment policy with obvious regional characteristics should be implemented. In addition to the above traditional advantage areas, we should also focus on the key cities in the central and western regions such as Xi 'an and Chengdu. These regions have a common characteristic - they can rely on universities with strong research and development ability of communication technology, have very good development potential, and have relatively obvious geographical advantages.