Electric power industry

           As we all know, electricity has become an indispensable part of today's human life, once there is a power failure, lack of electricity phenomenon, not only will bring huge economic losses, but also will seriously affect People's Daily life. In 2004, the phenomenon of "power shortage" caused by the shortage of power supply became an important factor to promote the rapid expansion of China's power industry. In recent years, all kinds of power plants (thermal power, hydropower, nuclear power, diesel power plants, peak power plants, etc.) have been built in large numbers throughout our country.
         With the rapid development of electric power information construction, in order to make full use of the latest technological achievements in the development of information technology and network technology, and promote the information and automated management process in the electric power industry to develop at a leap-forward speed, All electric power enterprises are developing and constructing production automatic monitoring system, information resource management system and remote network scheduling and communication technology in a planned way.  

The importance of UPS power supply in the power field

1.  UPS power supply provides the power industry with the last 1 second solution system; Ensure zero switching of power supply of equipment and system, maintain the normal and safe operation of data and public services. 2. Ensure the security of huge data storage of electric power, and provide data support and decision-making basis for guaranteeing the development of electric power industry. 3. The application of UPS power supply in the field of power, to ensure the safety of terminal equipment and system operation at a small cost, reduce manual maintenance costs in view of the above situation, our company's power ups power supply is designed as China's power, mainly designed for power plants, substations, distribution power supply products have double conversion online, when the mains power is normal, After the single-phase 220V (or 380V) is isolated, rectified, and filtered, the inverter provides stable power to the load. If the AC power grid input is abnormal or the power is off, the backup DC panel of the power system supplies power through the reverse check diode. When the DC panel undervoltage or power is off, the static switch switches to the bypass mode. If the inverter is overloaded or faulty, it switches to bypass power supply and sends a warning signal.


        Has the following characteristics:

                1. Adopt full digital control technology

                2. Intelligent detection and monitoring function

                3. Digital control static switch zero switching, input and output isolation

                4. The DC screen is completely isolated from the mains, and the power standard screen cabinet is designed

                5. With over voltage, under voltage, over current, short circuit and other protection functions

                6. Large LCD English and Chinese operation monitoring screen

                7. There are 256 long event records for users to analyze and manage the power supply

                8. Static bypass has strong anti-overload ability