Financial industry

        With China's reform and opening up, in recent years, foreign banks continue to pour into China, which has a certain impact on the financial industry market and triggered a new round of infrastructure construction and IT hardware investment demand. Therefore, there are certain market opportunities for IT hardware equipment manufacturers, especially UPS manufacturers. Although the global financial crisis has not yet reached the bottom, the performance of China's financial industry in the global financial market can be described as "... This side of the scenery is only good. . With the gradual progress of the national economic stimulus program, the scale of bank credit has expanded rapidly, which undoubtedly benefits the overall performance of China's banking industry. With the development of the financial industry, Eaton Company, the world's leading diversified power management company, proposed a UPS power supply finishing solution for the banking industry, and successfully applied to a foreign bank.



        First, the basic requirements for the UPS system

        1.   Wide input voltage range

        The input voltage range of UPS represents the ability of UPS to adapt to the power grid, while the wide voltage range also has the role of reducing user investment costs, energy saving and environmental protection. The power supply system of this project requires a backup delay time of 15 minutes and 8 hours, so that a large number of batteries need to be invested in the system. The wide input voltage range of UPS can effectively reduce the number of battery charging and discharging, to achieve the effect of energy saving and environmental protection.

        2.   High machine efficiency

        The electricity consumption of the IT room is very large, and the annual cost of electricity is very huge, so efficiency is particularly important when choosing electrical equipment. Therefore, when UPS is selected for the power supply system in the banking IT room, efficiency is a very important parameter.

        3.   Intelligent fan management

        The heat dissipation of the UPS is basically completed by the fan, if the fan fails or the speed is not enough, the operation of the UPS will have problems, and most manufacturers of UPS have no warning function for the fan, this project, for the fan speed online detection function, so as to effectively extend the service life of the fan.

        4.   Small size and light weight

        The IT power system room is on the 11th floor, requiring the UPS to have small size, light weight requirements, so as to meet the requirements of the machine room bearing, at the same time, the power room space is also very limited, in the selection of equipment to ensure the quality of the equipment based on the best choice of small, light weight equipment, in order to save the room space.

        Second, the basic requirements for energy conservation and environmental protection

        1.   Meet RoHs environmental requirements

        UPS is required to have green environmental protection functions, and it should also meet the requirements of green environmental protection, so when choosing UPS, it depends on whether the manufacturer has passed the RoHs standard.

        2.   High input power factor, low input harmonic current

        Green UPS must have high input power factor and low harmonic current. High input power factor can improve the utilization of the UPS to the mains, reduce reactive power loss, and achieve energy saving. The harmonic current is low, which can reduce the pollution of UPS to the power grid and achieve environmental protection. At the same time, improving the input power factor and reducing the input current harmonic distortion can also reduce the UPS input cable, insurance, circuit breaker and other capacities, reduce the generator matching capacity, reduce the user's investment cost and so on.

        The best way to solve the problem of UPS input power factor and harmonic current is to use high-power full igbt rectifier inverter UPS, which can use input power factor to increase to ≥0.99 without an external filter, and harmonic current can be reduced to less than 3%.

        Third, the battery requirements

        The reason why UPS is called uninterruptible power supply, the main reason is that there is a battery, so the stable operation of the battery can directly affect the stable operation of the UPS, customers require the battery to use well-known foreign brands, and require online monitoring of the battery, specifically to detect the battery voltage, current and internal resistance.


        In response to the current requirements of the financial industry, our company has adopted a relative plan


        This high frequency UPS


          1.  Real online dual conversion, high performance machine using DSP technology

                    2.  Charging current can be adjusted by LCD and software LED

                    3.  Single phase wide mains input range, emergency power off

                    4.  The ECO mode saves energy

                    5.  The three-stage scalable charging design ensures superior battery performance

                    N+X parallel, widely used in finance, telecommunications, government, transportation, manufacturing, education and other industries